Golf promotion with Golf Plaisir in Sweden


United Spirit Nordic representing the destination Trinidad & Tobago in the Nordic market, negotiated a charter flight with The Apollo Travel Group, direct from Stockholm to Tobago. The goal was a full flight each week, and increase awareness of the destination in the market, specially Sweden where the flight initiated. We wanted to increase in niche markets and managed to make a cooperation with Golf Plaisir, one of the biggest Golf operators in Sweden.


Special golf packages for 7 days and 14 days with Golf Plaisir promoted through their website, newsletter, social media, golf magazines, special banners and competitions. Reaching around 10.000 customers through various platforms.

Golf Plaisir sent for the 2 seasons they featured Tobago in their program, 300 golfers each year to Tobago. The largest amount of foreign golf tourists arrived to the Destination Tobago of all their source markets.

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Destination Trinidad & Tobago

Golf promotion with Golf Plaisir in Sweden

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