A. Integrated marketing campaign to promote Tobago in the Nordic market

CLIENT: Trinidad & Tobago


Tobago has been well perceived by consumers, TOs and as an active holiday destination. Even though the number of Scandinavian consumers travelling to Tobago was slowly rising, the TOM brand awareness needed a push to accelerate travel figures growth.


  • We crafted an integrated marketing plan comprised of sales, advertising and PR activities to promote Tobago in the Nordic market as an interesting holiday destination.
  • The creative artwork was built upon a strong call to action tagline (Come Play/Dive/Romance/Relax) and fascinating pictures of Tobago.
  • We used a mix of outdoor activities in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm’s busiest metro and train stations.
  • In parallel, we implemented a Coop campaign that comprised of print, in-store & online advertising activities with Travellink the leading OTA in Scandinavia and TICKET travel agency in Norway and Sweden.


  • Impressive visibility (Video views: 44.940 and Ad views: 71.058 in the first month of the campaign)
  • We have delivered more than 21% growth in visitor arrivals to Tobago during the campaign duration.

B. Integrated awareness campaign to boost flight sales ’

CLIENT: Jordan

Jordan has and is being mispercieved as an insecure travel destination because of the turmoil in the region. Furthermore the general knowledge of Jordan as a leisure travel destination in Scandinavia is relatively low.


  • We got in contact with Travellink.se to create an integrated awareness campaign to alter the perception of consumers and to drive arrival figures.
  • We also got our own micro-site on their webpage to promote Jordan through exciting pictures and videos


A total increase of 31.8% flight sales between the Scandinavian countries, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark during and post the campaign.duration.

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