With accumulated know how of the Scandinavian markets, and years of invaluable experience within the travel trade industry, we at United Spirit handle all aspects of your marketing capability. From offline to digital; we plan, produce, execute and evaluate, and make sure that your brand is well represented and recognizable.

We have created every activity from the smallest add layout to large scale online/offline campaigns, and have learned to understand that marketing is ALL about people. Wether the target is customer related or business to business, travel is always about pleasure, leisure and adventure – but the perspective is always unique, therefore we handle all proposals from all clients individually.

With knowledge and care we represent our clients, and match your marketing activities to the Nordic market.

Our marketing palette includes:

  • Fam trips
  • Fairs and Workshops
  • Co-op marketing
  • Awareness campaign
  • Social Media management
  • Advertisement & Graphic Design
  • Printed materials
  • Video
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Market plans
  • Decorations for fairs and events
  • Networking within and beyond the business

Case Studies

  • Representation

    Airline negotiation – Direct weekly charter flight from Stockholm to Tobago... Read more

  • Sales & Marketing

    Integrated marketing campaign to promote Tobago in the Nordic market... Read more

  • Public Relations

    Claus Meyer introduces Taste of T&T... Read more

  • Events

    Roadshow `Passport to the world´ in the Nordic and Baltic countries... Read more


  • "When it comes to support and delivering tangible results in sales, marketing and increased visitor arrivals the team at United Spirit Nordic are world class"

    Nick Hardwicke President - Tobago Hotels Restaurants & Tourism Association
  • "Excellent know-how and quick to reply to our many requests is essential for us and United Spirit team has continuously ensured this"

    Martin Bisp CEO Top Tours Denmark
  • "United Nordic Spirit has seamlessly guided us through language barriers and other nuances in the Scandinavia travel market and this has allowed us to be able to engage with travellers and consumers quite effectively"

    Warren Solomon General Manager - Marketing, Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company Limited
  • "Strong, honest and persistent company and their passion, commitment and focus in representing their clients interests is unmatched"

    Erik Haug Director The Apollo Group Norway
  • "I remember when United Spirit Nordic were representing Tahiti and they were full of energy and enthusiasm to explain what the beautiful Pacific islands have to offer. United Spirit is the kind of company i want to relate to, they make work fun!"

    Gunnhild Bjørnsti Lifestyle journalist
  • I contacted Anne at United Spirit Nordic, to help me in my Sales mission in Copenhagen. I must say that she is extremely efficient, fast and very focused. Starting from the organization itself and ending with the company! All meetings where perfectly organized for the short time we had. I recommend strongly to work with United Spirit Nordic. You will feel at home each second! GREAT JOB!

    Manuela Ciaccio Director of Sales - Europe Dream Hotels Phuket

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